An orgone condenser by any other name…

Karl Hans Welz, Austrian scientist and inventor, owns the trademarks for: orgone and orgone generator and has owned it for at least a decade, but he didn’t enforce it until a few years ago. orgonomers(?) and orgonite artists claim the term has become generic through common usage. find a petition challenging this trademark on (yes, i signed it. mostly due to my first impression of Welz, who likes to shut down peoples’ websites for selling ‘orgonite’.) a few observations about Welz: he does not look like… read more

a wall-hanging altar space

achetypal language, folk religion, ritual, art. nothing is more engrossing than the rabbit hole of the self. an encounter with the Pachkuti Mesa of Universal Shamanism inspired me to make this altar prototype. it is not intended to be a precise model for an altar of that tradition. i was inspired, and i wanted to make something. short version: the Universal Shaman tradition is an unified assemblage of concepts and practices from traditions around the world that follows a template of Peruvian Shamanism. the purposeful result… read more

Otter Fetish (it’s not what you think)

i think i’ve always ‘had a thing’ for found object art. but my perception is: in the absence of a really good angle, it’s only gluing (welding, tying…) random objects to other random objects. what constitutes a really good angle is a subjective perception, like a lot of assessments about art. granted, but i happened upon an angle that gave me a really good feeling. it started as i was perusing a book on Zuni fetishes (read: ritual object possessing spiritual powers). i thought ‘why not make one?’ i was… read more

teenage poetry

stacks of teenage poetry erupt into flame leaping through the air i grasp at shards of paper with still legible fragments feed them back into the blaze the world will never know them twice this is my fantasy in truth: they sit in stacks of composition journals dusty in my closet under yearbooks of that era in a pile of shirts aimed for donation boxes it is a secret heap of shame i blush at my adolescent grandiosity knowing it is still present but better-guised i… read more

easy on the monkey

meditation: give it a shot because there are no substitutions for becoming the master of your own mind. how powerful are your thoughts? do they serve you well? do they sweep you up in a storm? leave you with clenched fists over a scenario merely imagined? how much energy could be refocused to better use with an improvement in your thought-life? read more

‘tree-light’ – oil on canvas

this painting inhabits the space between abstract and representational. does that make it a surreal work? i don’t know. things exist prior to classification, so i’m am not unduly concerned. this was a commissioned piece. that sounds so very profesh until i tell you that my Mom is she who commissioned it. she’s my number one curator. but i’ll have you know she is possessed of discriminating taste. currently, it is hanging on the wall of her office. i took liberty with color, deviating from the… read more