1 2 3 Eggs

new games deserve names:
Egg Shell Jenga
and rules:
you know when it’s time to make omelets
call me up, we’ll stay the night
throw down the shells
I’ll stack the fragile wrecks just so…
later they might
by miraculous natural calculus
bear my weight
I had the right answer, but wrong calculation
so now I’m out back
swinging a stop sign at your trees
one way it slaps, one way it slices
we can do loud
we can do deep
what would it have been like living
in your goldilocks zone?
not too hot, not too cool, not too close
the kitchen floor, it’s in
sha sha shambles
the yard strewn with branches
I’ll go, I won’t leave, but I’ll
go, go deep into the wonder
and I know you can’t follow me there
where plants transpire softly
breezes breathe life into street trash
sha sha shambles
but spiracles is such a pretty name
for the breathing orifaces of leaves
and as they breathe out
123 I breathe in
while litter dances in the breeze

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