4 letters

indelible, invisible
a four letter word staining your brow
i wonder if you know it’s there
i have my own: d-o-n-e
there once was a U and an N
away they flew like doves
from a statue whose stone face is content
to regard you a stranger
it’s not about a one or any one
but a hidden well of grief and shame
draped with branches and blossoms
forgotten by careless feet
until i crash through the garden
and rush through the darkness and splash
I look up and see a face framed in a small ring of light
only a symbol
that can no more can contain me
than extend a hand in aid
I know the footholds in the mossy stones
I’ll climb out
build an alter out of the branches
and throw the flowers into the flame

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the hour

There is an inconclusive hour
early evening,
even in a land of urban parking lots,
the air turns yellow inside out;
the greens are blue and bleeding.
Descent into night commences.

Water might pool from an afternoon rain;
the clouds might break just once again.

Then, ditches reflect the sky, and my sorrow,
At the hours, days I have spent
watching light tumble underground
like sand rolling in an hourglass.

Soft, it falls through dirty puddles,
escapes me.

My lifetime is an avalanche of sand and light,
of puddles with a mystic oily sheen.

And only sorry am I then,
with no breath left for anger.
Only tired am I now
With nothing left to do.

But to rest here for this yellow hour
With my sorrow and the water.
The anvil of the passing day will
crush the ripples flat to lay
like glass.

My brow has likewise softened but,
as the light slips soft, away, beneath,
I’m like a stone skipped hard across a wave
To the surface side I cling
Yet to my resting place I sink.


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Acute Cat Poem

Once more coming onnn
with a florescent hummm
brittle, a flame pushing through flesh,
avidity in small gestures,
each step a crescendo
Lean up on a wall, almost too much
Large cat pawing at the knee, just smile
Smell the earth, coffee, smoke,
take-out, shampoo
Sight floods the body with light
Sharpness pulse of ceiling fan
Tail up, he weaves through ankles,
just smile
He returns much larger than before
In secret, I watch him stalk the room
Someone pops open a coke
Thunder rolls down the walls
breaking into lighter sound, laughter
I am everywhere fur brushing up against…
I feel the room. I lean in silence

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Have faith: in the mundane mmwhispers the song eternal
As you hover over an organ in the body of a song
my ignorance grants me an esoteric interpretation
The blind theory is an almost-sensation
a tip of the tongue quiver phantasmal
peripheral occipital ravine shimmer
Ignorance degrades functionality but allows innocent perception
Experience tempers understanding but jades poetic insight
Entertain me, Pythagorean waves abstractly crashing
High-tide, equinox Earth-tilt angles, plate-shift geomancy
Heartbeats and footsteps in dust-speckled light beams
The humidity in the room tempers the timbre
The struck string: All, all is vibration…

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