messenger mystic mashup

the hidden world gushes and thrusts
apparently the body is full of seas, channels, and rivers
gates and jeweled palaces…
that is so fucking lovely but is it magical enough…
does it speak through the normcore in whispers,
tell us what we seek here at noodle world?

when you get out of your car in florida right now
your sunglasses instantly fog
is it the original dampness: this tropic swelter
or that of the cave which we have been seeking
as it inconveniences us with shadow and sweat,
with things that might be funny if they happened in a movie

i need an outrageous and mythic secret identity
i’m considering selling my services as an internet muse
mystical hawk-winged snow leopard spirit guide
or this americano is far too strong, an easy out
i might blame caffeine for delusions of grandeur

cute pet ideas: free to good home
i am as much my audience as you are
and have also been third hand a witness
to terrible things done to salamanders
in the name of science

we’d rather live off roots and berries
entraining softly in the cooling dusk,
in the absence of vehicles and sunglasses
with an autumn song or dream poem
a dance with our mother of the beetles
who insists in the power of small glossed wing shells
to alter the course of historical events
she wags her finger knowingly…

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