‘tree-light’ – oil on canvas

this painting inhabits the space between abstract and representational. does that make it a surreal work? i don’t know. things exist prior to classification, so i’m am not unduly concerned.

tree-lightthis was a commissioned piece. that sounds so very profesh until i tell you that my Mom is she who commissioned it. she’s my number one curator. but i’ll have you know she is possessed of discriminating taste.

currently, it is hanging on the wall of her office. i took liberty with color, deviating from the golds and crimsons she requested. those colors are too hot for a work environment. how can we both calm and let in some vibrant, dynamic, energizing light?

the underbelly of a leafy canopy would do just that, throwing dappled light on a pane of glass below. capturing that along with the movement of light and leaves became the motive which evolved with the work.

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